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(Once, around 2009-2010, I ran a private Ultima Online server. Although it's been offline for several years, I keep the "patch" file notes here for my own reference and for anyone else with an interest in running it or their own.)

This is not the world most know as Ultima Online--this is not Britannia. If in some distant, hazy past Alvantar was once Britannia, that history has long been forgotten to the passing of eons. The year is 325 PF. Sometime between 250 and 350 years ago, the great civilization of Alvantar fell. By invasion or by disaster or by plague, no one is certain. Few scholars who study and keep records of such things still roam the lands, and those who do seldom spend their energies on anything but relearning and regathering the ancient secrets of magic.

-=|| Quick Install Guide ||=-

If you have not already, download the UO client at

Once installed, extract the files in this zip file to the directory you installed UO into. Then, install the included program called Razor_Latest.exe. Once that install is complete, launch the Razor program and put "" into the server field and "2593" into the port field. Click okay. If you've never connected before, you'll be prompted for an account name and password. Put in anything you like. The game server will take care of the rest. Enjoy!

Note: Server offline, with apologies.