Holistic Junk

Ooooonce upon a time the website was sort of like a personal 9gag or reddit where I'd post internet memes I made before I knew what an internet meme was. You can find a few of those worth saving below and even some that aren't! I'll let you decide which is which! I've also included some old website assets and (inescapably), more UO stuff.

Redlow.net's Interview with God

Quite some time ago, I interviewed God. It was an enlightening experience. We then had two follow-up interviews, all of which are included here.

Exchange with Nabisco

Once, I wrote a silly letter to Nabisco after some Oreos I bought went stale. This is the letter and their lame reply. Suspiciously, Oreos started being sold in resealable packaging only a few months afterwards.

Interview With Ex-Seer Pann

In 2001 or 2002, Ultima Online's unique volunteer program consisting of Seers, Counselors, Troubadors, and new player advisors (whose exact titles are eluding me!) was canceled. These were players working for free to help the game including running quests (like a dungeon master in D&D) and helping - by hand - new players adjust to the game. I interviewed one of the seers shortly after the program was terminated.

A Night With Redlow

A UO player whose character was "Rok Hagor" interviewed me one evening. It was.. uh, real?

Tues/Weds Press Release

For immediate release:
THEY Corp. reports a major merger between Tuesday and neighboring day, Wednesday.