Magic Decks

Car List Colors Memorablness Overview
Cat Cat Cat

4x White Sun's Zenith
3x Sundering Growth
3x Thunder Totem
2x Dispense Justice
2x Bladed Pinions
2x Swords to Plowshares
2x Volrath's Laboratory
2x Riptide Replicator
1x Dispatch
1x Path to Exile
1x Whispersilk Cloak
1x Ajani, Caller of the Pride
1x Day of Judgment
1x No-Dachi
1x Hour of Reckoning
1x Thran Dynamo
1x Paradise Plume
1x Strata Scythe
1x Mox Opal
1x Heartseeker
1x Tower of Calamities
1x Caged Sun
1x Phyrexian Rebirth
1x Mind Stone

2x New Benalia
2x Forbidding Watchtower
1x Mystifying Maze
1x Mishra's Factory
1x Gargoyle Castle
17x Plains
3x Enlisted Wurm
3x Burnished Hart
2x Ondu Giant
2x Harmonize
2x Putrefy
2x Maelstrom Nexus
2x Hydra Omnivore
2x Maelstrom Pulse
2x Dawntreader Elk
2x Alloy Myr
1x Rampaging Baloths
1x Elderscale Wurm
1x Artisan of Kozilek
1x Avenger of Zendikar
1x Thraximundar
1x Primeval Titan
1x Worldspine Wurm
1x Privileged Position
1x Sterling Grove
1x Praetor's Counsel
1x Maelstrom Wanderer
1x Yavimaya's Embrace
1x Mirari's Wake
1x Spellbreaker Behemoth

8x Forest
4x Evolving Wilds
2x Swamp
2x Island
2x Mountain
2x Plains
2x Jungle Shrine
2x Opulent Palace

white 4 A strictly-spell deck that relies on early removal and control that then ramps into tons of mana for man-land/artifacts and white sun's zenith. Replaced by a generally (but not always) better version that has physical creatures.
Sunny Side Up, ala Nerf

4x Trinket Mage
4x Leonin Squire
3x Sanctum Gargoyle
2x Remember the Fallen
2x Pyrite Spellbomb
2x Elixir of Immortality
2x Aether Spellbomb
2x Origin Spellbomb
2x Blazing Torch
2x Traveler's Amulet
2x Chromatic Star
1x Barbed Sextant
1x Treasure Hunter
1x Trading post
1x Dispeller's Capsule
1x Open the Vaults
1x Faith's Reward
1x Dragon Mask
1x Summoning Station
1x Auriok Salvagers

4x Island
4x Mountain
4x Terramorphic Expanse
4x Plains
3x Azorius Guildgate
1x Coastal Tower
2x Bant Panorama
2x Buried Ruin

red, white, blue 5 A nerfed version of the famous Sunny Side Up deck. Very annoying; didn't generally win unless in a multi-player game.
Star Wars: the Combo Awakens

4x Kingpin's Pet
4x Soul's Attendant
4x Cadaver Imp
3x Howling Banshee
2x Conjurer's Closet
2x Lone Missionary
2x Vizkopa Guildmage
2x Sanguine Bond
2x Whip of Erebos
2x Ultimate Price
2x Blood-Toll Harpy
2x Gray Merchant of Asphodel
1x Angelic Skirmisher
1x Army of the Damned
1x Flickerform
1x Keening Banshee
1x Grave Titan

4x Terramorphic Expanse
10x Plains
10x Swamp

white, black 4 A tempo, extort-like deck with heavy-hitting life gain/loss combos. Despite the tiny creatures and fragile appearance, it tended to win often

3x Gray Merchant of Asphodel
3x Skinrender
3x Buried Alive
2x Pilgrim's Eye
2x Tribute to Hunger
2x Pristine Talisman
2x Animate Dead
2x Diabolic Tutor
2x Hedron Archive
2x Unmake
1x Sol Ring
1x Armillary Sphere
1x Living Death
1x Mikaeus the Unhallowed
1x Rune-Scarred Demon
1x Wake the Dead
1x Geralf's Messenger
1x Immortal Servitude
1x Entomb
1x Abhorrent Overlord
1x Twilight's Call
1x Barter in Blood
1x Hero's Downfall
24x Swamp

black 4 A combo-based muli-player deck centered around Gray Merchant of Asphodel