Design & 3D Work

On the side over the years I've worked on other projects such as card, board, and video games. These are some samples extracted from those projects. The work here represents some samples of what I've done in (primarily) 3D Studio Max and Photoshop. While probably not the absolute cream of the crop, it does show my willingness to reach into other fields and get the essential job done.

Thy Dunjon Quest

A sample card from a game, "Thy Dunjon Quest". The illustration is by a friend, the rest was done in Photoshop CS5 by myself.


A free-form tree built in 3D Studio Max. One of the last models I built, this one has some texture work along with 2D planes with leaves to create the illusion of full foliage. Obviously needs more work - organic models (or drawings for that matter) have always been elusive for me.


A chair designed in 3D Studio Max, built off a sketch which was loosely based on some chairs in a Barnes & Noble. Rendered with lighting

Koi Pond Bridge

A Koi pond bridge free-handed in 3D Studio Max. A simple texture has been applied; no bump map or any other kind of layer. Rendered with lighting.


A bench free-handed in 3D Studio Max. A simple granite texture has been applied with, I believe, a bump map. Rendered with one light.