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By Nick Westendorf,
A poem submitted to a contest in UO

My love has left me,
Though many would say "Do not despair,"
"And consider these truths which must be laid bare:"

"Your love has not emerald eyes,"
"Nor crimson lips."

"Your love's legs are not fine and slender,"
"Nor long and tender."

"Her hair be not soft and fair,"
"And her smile not so sweet."

"Your love has not the supple sway of one young and sleek,"
"Nor, we fear, the qualities most would seek."

But my love's laugh lulls me to lust,
Her wit a whimsical, wiley wink.

My love's dreams be stirring, alluring looks,
And her witchy charms steal even the hearts of no-good crooks.

My love's playful, soulful charisma be more attractive
than any beautiful blonde,
or ravaging redhead,
or playful perky pixie of the wilds.

And I shall endeavor to shower her with flowing words that be my knack,
Until inevitably do I win her back.